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That was a fantastic webinar just now. It's one of those concepts that I feel I really understand as a whole and I think I followed along with you pretty well but now that I've had time to ruminate on it all I have so many questions!!!

The main bit that is sticking with me and making me feel confused is around strong emotions and feelings. I understand how this concept could seriously help people suffering from depression, anxiety etc but what about the good stuff!? What about the amazing love I have for my kids and partner or my wonder at the nature I live in or my daughter's fierce love for her pony!! I felt terribly sad that that would become sort of devoid of meaning and irrelevant....if I was to constantly be in the 'absolute'. 

I feel really interested in it all and I think I'd like to join this Wednesday's webinar - about helping others as I'm training to be a therapist.

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