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Sol Talk

Simone Keelah

Sōl Talk is an audiobook companion for your journey through this wild thing called life. Simone Keelah and guests artfully write the pages of this book as they explore the questions and challenge the assumptions that come up on our paths towards growing and glowing. Like our lives, Sōl Talk is unfinished, requiring listeners to decide for themselves - what's good for their souls?

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In our third and final installment of “Community & Connections” we chop it up with Marissa Shrum. Marissa is a strategist, artist and investor living in Chattanooga, TN and Fort Greene, Brooklyn. She is the Founder of Remember, I Love You (RILY), a cultural intelligence and community impact studio that helps brands reimagine their position in society, community and everyday life.

In this conversation, we learn from Marissa how we can use contrasting and life-affirming moments to guide how we connect with humans.

In this episode you’ll hear:

  • How Marissa was able to return to a past that was a source of pain and self-abandonment
  • The secret unlock for direction-less seasons
  • The types of community Marissa encourages us to build
  • Why Black women deserve their roses
  • What to look for as you build community and connections

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